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Types of Companies

There are many options as a foreign individual or corporation to start operations in China

Representative Office
Setting up a representative office of your foreign company is usually the easiest way to get your foot on the ground in Shanghai. You must have a company abroad so this is not an option for individual investors. The overseas company must be two years or older. The main advantage is that there is no registered capital requirement. There are however many restrictions on RO: they cannot earn income, sign contracts, hire staff directly (all hires must go through a government-approved agency). There is a monthly tax charged as a percentage of all expenses of the representative Office.

Consulting Company
A consulting company is authorized to provide various types of consulting services in China, including investment consulting, business advisory, human resource management, etc.. It has usually the lowest capital requirements amoung wholly foreign owned enterprises.

IT Company
Information Technology is a huge market in China and there are certainly opportunities for foreign companies that are expert in their specific niche..

F&B Company
A food and beverage wholly foreign owned enterprise is required to run a restaurant or bar in China. The registration is rather complex due to the high number of government agencies involved, and the registered capital is higher than consulting or IT companies.

Trading Company
Trading or import-export wholly owned foreign enterprises are used by companies engaged in importing or exporting from China.

Manufacturing Company
Manufacturing companies are now leaving the east coast to move inland to take advantage of the lower costs. Local governments in China welcome manufacturing companies as they create jobs, and are ready to invest in infrastructure or provide tax breaks to attract foreign investors.

Hong Kong Company
Technically speaking, Hong Kong companies are considered foreign companies in China and therefore cannot run operations, rent offices or hire staff in mainland China. Setting up a Hong Kong company however is a recommended first move when expanding to China due to the lower costs (including taxes) and more western business environment. Hong Kong companies can also be used as holding companies for reinvesting into mainland China.
Beijing Office
4/F, Tower A
Vantone Center
6 Chaowai Street
1666 Sichuan Rd (N),
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100020
T: +86-10-5731-8051
T: +86-10-5731-8052
F: +86-10-5731-8053
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Shanghai Office
Rm2203, Global New Times Plaza
1666 Sichuan Rd (N),
Hongkou District
Shanghai 200080
T: +86-21-6309-5371
T: +86-21-6309-5372
F: +86-21-6309-5373
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Shenzhen Office
Unit 24G, Block B
Honglong Century Plaza
4002 Shennan (E) Rd
Luohu District
Shenzhen 518000
Guangdong Province
T: +86-755-3338-5987
T: +86-755-3338-5988
F: +86-755-3338-5998
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